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Forex Trading Strategies with NetDania App

Forex Trading Strategies

NetDania Forex and Stocks is an app found at the Google Play Store. It is just one of the many apps found online that could help your forex trading strategies. This does not mean it will help you or that you will want it. All that the article below is going to explore is the features this app is designed with and some of the requirements it takes to download it. It is always up to you to make a decision on what you truly want from an app, trading platform and any other tool for the foreign exchange market that exists out there.

Forex Trading Strategies by Using App Tools

NetDania provides FX rates, stock rates, live charts, metal prices, and over 20,000 instruments along with live news. Live news is provided with Market News International as well as FXWirePro. NetDania is patterned on Scandinavian forex markets according to its description. It is meant to have an easy to use system with quick response times and connection to your local markets. You will discover several hundred currency pairs including the USD Index, 10,000 stock quotes from major world markets, and metal rates.

Forex trading strategies require you to follow and understand what is happening in the market. Using a tool that enables customised news feeds and charts is quite helpful to you. NetDania allows you to zoom and scroll various charts. You can also use default or custom settings like setting the time frame, chart type, and indicators used. For the news alerts you can decide what comes up based on your country or set specific economic news for the currencies you intend on trading.

With over 2500 reviews and 2300 of those at 5 stars, NetDania has a rating of 4.7 by users. You will want to review it and test it yourself of course. Also, as you think about forex trading strategies think about the various bugs and stability of the programme. In a new version several issues of the past were fixed for more stability with the app. Some apps ignore the corrections needed and others ensure they are fixed. The most recent updates occurred in July 2013.

Forex Trading Strategies Expanded with NetDania

Since you may find better strategies for trading with NetDania as others have reviewed, you will want to understand the download requirements of this app. It has a file size of 2.3M, which is not the smallest, but it is also not a huge file. The current version is 2.0.3. It will work with Android mobile devices 2.2 and up. To date it has 100K to 500K downloads.

You will want to visit the developer’s site for more information as well as to conduct a comparison with other forex trading strategies tools available to you on the market. Apps are a nice tool, but they have to fit your goals and needs. Sometimes too much information is just as annoying as not enough when it comes to a tool you want to use.




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