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How Easy Is It To Trade Foreign Exchange Sydney For A Profit?

It’s very easy to trade foreign exchange Sydney. All you need is 1 winning strategy and the will power to deploy that strategy again and again, without letting your emotions get involved. For instance, if you open up a 1-hour chart of any major currency pair (i. e., EUR/USD, AUD/USD or USD/JPY) and place a “Williams Alligator” on the chart along with a “Know Sure Thing” trade signal confirmation indicator, there’s no logical reason that you cannot make a profit as long as you keep your leverage ratios really low (i. e., 20:1), using trailing stop losses and only trade on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The reason for the low leverage is so you can stay in a trade overnight (if necessary) without getting knocked out. The reason for only trading in the middle of the week is that’s when trading volumes are thick and bid/ask spreads are usually tight.
Knowing something about why such a strategy should work is good idea. Read up on “moving averages” at “stockcharts.com”.

How Much Skill Is Needed To Profit From Foreign Exchange Sydney?

In forex, knowledge is power – the power to profit from other people’s mistakes and to see trends starting up before “everyone else” does. Depending upon your background, you may (or may not) already have all the knowledge needed in order to successfully trade forex. For instance, if you have a banking background, you may already know about central banking monetary policies or “market support” efforts by commercial banks. Similarly, if you have an academic degree in economics, subjects like industrial capacity limitations, employment participation rates and wholesale inventory build-ups are not foreign to you. Few people, however, are well-schooled in the art of technical analysis. If this description fits you, please visit “stockcharts.com” and receive the education of a lifetime.

Learning More About Trading Foreign Exchange Sydney

The subject of leveraged capital markets trading is not taught in many universities around the world and while there are some books on the subject (John Wiley & Sons being one of the best publishers on the subject), the most up-to-date information can only be found on the internet. Check out the websites of the world’s largest central banks to learn more about monetary policy (which affects interest rates – a real hot button in the world of forex). Don’t forget the “BoJ” – the Bank of Japan, at “boj.or.jp/en” – as Mr Kuroda and his crew are up to some really exciting “monetary experiments”, all conveniently designed to reduce the value of the Japanese  ¥en. “efxnews.com” is also great on this subject.

Tips To Help You Profit From Foreign Exchange Sydney

The AUD/JPY lends itself well to long-term “buy and hold” situations because Australia’s interest rate structure is so much higher than that of Japan’s. If you look at a AUD/JPY monthly chart, you can see that the pair’s price is headed – slowly but surely – back up to AUD/JPY 108., last recorded near the end of 2007. If you view this pricing action on a weekly chart, including a “Linear Regression” (to see the trend clearly), you discover that August 2013 was the perfect time to “buy low” for what appears to be the final momentum thrust toward the aforementioned AUD/JPY 108 pricing target. Does this mean that the AUD/JPY boat has sailed without you? No; you can still “buy the dips”.







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