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Foreign Exchange Melbourne: The Cons Of FX Trading

The biggest problem with trading foreign exchange Melbourne is that you really have to pay attention to what you’re doing. This is because most forex traders run highly leveraged trades where just a very small movement can spell trouble. For instance, if you have a trade that’s leveraged on a 100:1 basis, then this means that $1 in cash is anchoring a $100 trade position, or 1% “down” is controlling $100. If currency pairs didn’t run all over the place, such a financing situation would probably be okay. However, quite a few pairs love to take a walk on the wild side. For instance, the AUD/USD ranges about three-fourths of 1% every 24 hours, with the GBP/AUD ranging over 1% per day.
Actually, leverage is not the problem. The problem is that most traders haven’t researched forex enough – before they start trading – to know how to handle it correctly. If you’re trading in 5 minute bursts, a leverage ratio of 100:1 is manageable. For trend trading, 30:1 is logical.

The Main Frustrations Of Foreign Exchange Melbourne

There are some people that don’t think they need to research anything before jumping into forex trading. What happens next is almost hysterical. Either they make a huge profit, but do not know why, or they got skinned, but do not know why. Not having learned their lesson the first time, they proceed to do the same thing again. And, again, they cannot figure out what’s happening to them. Luck of the draw or the fickle finger of fate – or, both? Whatever is the cause, the whole experience can be very frustrating. For some, it will also mark the end of the line. For others, a certain humility will take hold and with it, an evolving trading maturity.

Why Foreign Exchange Melbourne Is Not For The Faint Hearted

According to the April 2013, “Triennial Central Bank Survey”, by the Bank For International Settlements, $5.3 trillion in forex transactions are being processed every 24 hours by approximately 1,300 banks around the world. This makes forex the largest capital market in the world, by a long shot. It also means that since forex is a “zero sum game” (i. e., “winner take all”), an individual forex trader is up against a cabal of forex bank dealers who like to win and are paid to win. In such a situation, you have to be nimble. You also should be astute enough to realise that joining the herd might be more advantageous to your long-term health and prosperity than fighting against them.

Reducing Risks Before Trading Foreign Exchange Melbourne

Only take on trades that you feel comfortable about. Use an “Average True Range” or “Historical Volatility” indicator, on a daily chart, to tell you how volatile a currency pair has been acting. Any pair imitating a leaping lemur should be politely ignored – in favour of any pair showing a certain vigour, but not of the feverish variety. Unless you are “day trading”, keep your leverage ratio at 50:1 or lower, staying away from Mondays, Fridays and all holidays. Attempt to launch all trades in the early morning; flows are usually solid and bid/ask spreads are general fairly tight. Always use a stop loss, either fixed, floating or trailing. Do not second-guess yourself; when in doubt, just get out.




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